My Toes, Those Sausage Like Extensions!

I was compelled to accept what I had previously termed as the bane of my life. My toes. As I mentioned in my last post, I am a frail person. One would expect a person like me to have skinny toes to match my body; you know what I mean. However, my toes are the exact opposite. Those sausage like extensions of my feet. You can call them obese, thank you. I think I will get even sadder when I start to explain the state of my toe nails. To be less harsh with myself, let me just say that my toenails in comparison to my toes is like a drop of water in comparison to the ocean. That clearly explains why I do not fancy pedicures; the last time I went to get one they gave me a discount because a negligible amount of nail polish was used on me. (The bad news is that my toes had become an instant sensation and a tourist attraction site)

They say a problem shared is a problem half solved, right? Today I ranted about the misgivings and misfortunes and mismatch and mischief of my toenails to my friend Unebonne. My ranting must have gone on for one hour. I finished narrating my nasty experiences with a powerful declaration, “I LOATHE them (my toes)!

I had expected her to tell me about the importance of accepting my toes, to love every part of me.. all that boring stuff. I should have known how cheeky Unebonne can be. She gave me a very simple solution. “Cut them off your feet then.”

That statement clipped my wings off and I fell into reality with a thud. I realised that my toes would be my life’s companion come rain come sunshine. That the beauty (or lack thereof) of my toes does not in anyway affect its function. That my toes are actually there for a purpose: to assist while walking by providing balance, weight bearing and thrust. Powerful functions of the toes we always overlook.

So are people. Everyone is placed on this earth for a purpose. Maybe you feel you fall short of the world’s standards (of education, beauty…). That does not mean that you are not great. You are of utmost importance and you will be of immense help to this world when you know why God created you (He is ready to reveal your purpose anytime. Just ask Him). Learn a lesson from my toes. They are clearly way below the world’s beauty standards; but who says they are of no good to my body?


6 thoughts on “My Toes, Those Sausage Like Extensions!

  1. A lot of times.we fee the same…we tend to complain about circumstances,people,outcomes etc..i believe the statement “cut them off”…Should constantly be in our minds..If you can’t do that then..accept it..And live with it..seeing it from a different perspectie…Awesome article Lilian

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