Oh,The Wondrous Nature of the Celestial Sphere

To thee, oh celestial dome,

Oh how I have longed to touch thee

But thou hath proven to be imaginary

My hapless heart disintegrates

Hello people. How is my little poem? Feels like dissecting Shakespeare’s pieces huh? (Quick confession: I don’t even know the difference between thee and thou). First things first; you might be wondering who celestial dome is. I need you to purge your minds of murky thoughts, because celestial dome is just another name for sky.

Anyway, yesterday I talked about my sausage-like toes and the feedback was amazing! It dawned on me that everyone has their own insecurities, and accepting yourself the way you are is the best gift you could ever give yourself. I came across a quote that says if all the people were to put their problems in a box and were asked to choose others they would happily take back their own. I agree. You know why? Because someone, after reading my post, opened up about her struggles. Her feet. Grotesquely large. All her shoes are custom-made because no one ever thinks of her shoe size when they make the shoes. Oh the many heartbreaks she has suffered as a result of forgoing the many shoes she falls in love with simply because they are too small for her. She has slender toes (my dream toes) but big feet. I would rather remain with my feet and their sausage toes. I can handle my ‘problem’.

Which again reminds me, sometimes we are so obsessed with our shortcomings in life, we are so preoccupied with our issues that we fail to notice the beauty of nature. I never really cared about the beautiful stars in the sky (only cared about my toes and other problems); to the extent of wondering why a sane person would sit down and compose the song, “Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…”(remember singing that in kindergarten?). There are more important things to think about, said I.

“Why would someone watch the sky during the day and start remarking that a certain cloud resembles a sheep? What if it does, will it really help? Why make a fuss about how the sky is bathed in deep hues of orange during sunset? Why? People’s time would be better spent doing other ‘more important’ things.” That is what I would say, and think. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I can see how preconceived my notion was.

I know better and I have started to appreciate God’s creation. The immense beauty of the sky now fills me with joy, peace, hope… Hope as I watch the sunrise, because I know God has given me another beautiful day and great things are awaiting me. Joy as I watch the sunset, because I celebrate the achievements of the day, because I know whatever wrong that happened in the day is now buried in the past. I have another chance to do things better. Peace as I watch the twinkling of the stars at night, because I am immersed in another world and the troubles of the real world get a chance to be in temporary oblivion. Above all, I am constantly reminded that the God who created the sun, moon, stars, the sky, is the one who created me. I am as beautiful (if not more) as they are.


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