Jolly Joys and Perpetual Pleasures

I have never even introduced myself! I am like a stranger that starts to tell you bits of his/her personal life before mentioning his/her name. (You know, that someone you meet and in five minutes you know that she has obese toes yet she’s wearing closed shoes all the time). Someone says I am obsessed with my toes. I am a cartoon, literally. Anyway introduction; here we go!

My origins? So, an intellectual giant wanted to create a perfect little girl. He put sugar, spice and everything nice in a conical flask.He however made a terrible mistake and spilled chemical X into the mixture. Instead of the perfect little girl, he ended up with three girls with super powers! I am one of them. (Not really, those are the origins of my favourite cartoon characters when I was a kid. The Powerpuff Girls!) Valuable life lessons can be learnt from anything, Powerpuff Girls is no exception. Thanks to the cartoon, I have learnt that mistakes can not only be lessons, but can also be blessings in disguise.

I give up on the introduction. You’ll get to know me as the days go by. One thing you must have known already is that I love to take trips down memory lane. When I was a child, I loved Powerpuff Girls so much that I contemplated breaking the television screen to join in their fighting of crimes. I miss childhood.

When I was a child, I yearned for adulthood

But now an adult, I miss my childhood

I miss the times when I skipped and danced without a care in the world

When mischief was the predominant theme of my thoughts

When I was drowned in magical fantasies

When I chatted and laughed heartily with imaginary friends

Oh childhood, I took you for granted when you were with me

Now I discover your jolly joys and perpetual pleasures

A little too late


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