A Puppeteer Puppeteered

My life was getting out of hand,

My energy reserves were being depleted at an alarming rate,

I was exhausted, languid, fatigued,

I desperately needed a hand.

Then I remembered that I had majored in robotics

And a robot would definitely help me to sort out this mess.

So my idea of creating a robot started to be executed

And in few days the abstract archetype of the robot became tangible.

The robot became my slave,

My wishes were its commands.

My weariness became a thing of the past,

My life became a bed of roses, smooth.

Making my robot even more sophisticated became my full time job.

I soon ceased to exist in the real world,

As my life revolved around my robot

I did not realise;

That my now aggrandized robot became my master,

That its wishes were now my commands,

That I was now the quintessence of a puppeteer puppeteered by her puppets,

That the roses in the bed had thorns that were pricking me,

That the robot that I previously controlled was now controlling me.

Hello people. Take time to think about the robots in your life (people or things that you love) and try to see if they are controlling you (being so preoccupied with them that you fail to develop other areas in your life). Creating a robot means taking time to cultivate friendships, relationships, developing your talents, name them. We should be careful lest our robots begin controlling us. I never thought that my robot was controlling me, until today. A dear friend called me and pointed that out to me. I cannot thank him enough. So today marks day one of being reinstated, the day of regaining control of my robot. 🙂

Also, do not let your friends drown while you are watching. Get in the pool and save them, before its too late.

Moreover, life can never be smooth ride. There are many bumps and obstacles along the way. The fact that my robot is controlling me will not depress me. I will fight hard to overcome the challenge. I will be stronger, wiser thanks to the obstacle that had made me trip.

This is for you; the friend who called: Thank you so much for saving me, and for being there, being the person I can count on. Gracias! Merci! 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Puppeteer Puppeteered

  1. Indeed! This post and one from another blogger (along the lines of “unplug and enjoy the people in your lives”) got me thinking, and so I called my parents to chat with them on the phone today. Thank you for this post and the creative reminder!

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