At the Brink

IMG_20160603_163118 - CopyHello people. So many people ask me why I love hiding my hands. Well, that is a story for another day, but just a sneak peak: my hands remind people of the good old cartoon Kids Next Door. Anyway. it has been so long since I wrote something. Blame my sudden change of schedule.

Okay, do not blame my schedule. Let me be real with you guys, I was feeling so empty. I was on the verge of giving up on writing. I started this blog with the aim of making a positive change in this world. I was so sick and tired of seeing certain people pretend that their life is perfect, and others fervently wishing that they lived their lives. That is why I chose to write about my struggles, so that people could see that they are not alone. So that people could learn from my experiences. So that people could relate with me. The list is endless.

Last week I second-guessed myself too much, almost to death. First of all, I felt that I was not getting much appreciation. I thank all my loyal readers who take time to encourage me needless to say, but sometimes I felt like my blog was not getting as many hits as others. (Yes, I was comparing myself to other established blogs) This made me doubt my abilities. I will not say much on that, I will just quote the poem Desiderata. “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

Secondly, I received harsh criticism from so many people. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate constructive criticism because I know that I am not perfect and I know that it will help me improve my skills and become a better person. However, there are other people who derive pleasure from putting me down. They succeeded last week, but I will not let them win this time round. I have learnt that when you start something, there are people who will be working round the clock to make you abandon your project because they do not want to see you progress. Do not let them win. If you are having a project and you are facing no opposition then you are doing nothing worthwhile. I find comfort in the fact that I am doing something worthwhile.

Moreover, I think I had stopped fanning the flames of my passion. The fire was almost dying. When I started this blog I had so much zeal. By the second week the zeal had vanished into thin air. This happens a lot with my other projects. I am a great beginner but unfortunately I give up on things quickly. When the morale disappears I think it is best to constantly remind yourself why you started the project. That will help you to keep on keeping on.

I have been thinking of the so many things I started building but left them halfway due to the above reasons; and they ended up falling. Now that I know where I went wrong, I will start rebuilding them and I will not give up this time round. Do you have projects that you left halfway due to the challenges (similar to mine) that you faced? Start rebuilding. 🙂


2 thoughts on “At the Brink

  1. Lovely write up. I understand where you are coming from. I felt same too, I began to compare my blogs with others with more readers. I started this blog with zeal and enthusiasm but at some point my zeal thinned out. I woke up and told myself, these other people have been there over 1-2yrs whereas I started mine in late April. So I’ll just stay true to what I love doing- writing and see where it goes. I’m writing not just to express a point from the daily prompt but to fulfill my passion and dream. I’m even looking at doing freelance column writing for magazines.
    So my dear, let’s give ourselves a year while we rebuild and refuel our passion. Cheers!

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