Waste of Energy

“So, why exactly do you hate her?”

This question silenced me. Unebonne, Unebonne, why do you do this to me? I expected you to support me. Anyway, she asked this question after accessing ‘intelligence’ from me about a person I really dislike. No, hate. No, detest. No loathe. Yes, I loathe her. Whenever I see the person my face contorts with fury. Her sight makes me sick in the stomach. I wish she knew how her voice makes my ears hurt. No, that screeching voice of hers makes my ears bleed. Yet, she is always all over the place shouting, whipping my ears mercilessly. When our eyes meet? That is enough to spoil my day.

Because I do not fancy her, I spend my time collecting data about her. I get excited when I find not-so-good information about her.When she fails in some area, my day is officially made. News of her misfortunes? A well-deserved comical break. I will talk negatively about her to everyone who cares to hear. It seems my friend Unebonne is not one of those people.

Why do I hate her? I try to find out the possible reasons behind my profound hatred. Has she ever done anything wrong to me? Have we ever interacted? The answer to both questions is no. I have to admit, shamefully, that there is no concrete reason behind my hating. I hate her, just like that. Just for the sake. What a waste of energy and time! I can hear the green-eyed-monster’s evil laugh. Sigh. I had become his victim

Stop looking at me with those eyes. I know that there is a person that you do not exactly like. And he/she came to your mind as you were reading this post.

Let them talk, they will get tired. I don’t care about what they say about me. They won’t faze me.

I say this whenever I hear that some people are talking about me, unleashing their harshest criticism. However, it really gets me sometimes. It hurts me. But when I realize that I have hated someone for no reason at all, I guess it gives me a reason to be carefree. To stop caring about what they say because maybe they are just hating just for the sake.

I mentioned once that I almost quit blogging because of what people had to say. Then I got to understand that if certain people don’t hate, then you are not doing anything. Sometimes my articles rub some the wrong way, because I cannot please everyone at the same time. At the end of the day I am happy because I am being me.

Sorry if I have mixed you up. I hope you get my point though. Try to love the unlovable, and try not to be put down by the people who hate on you 🙂 I’ll try to like the person who makes my ears bleed.

Anyway, won’t you have a hate-free time!


4 thoughts on “Waste of Energy

  1. Great post. It reminds me of the mob mentality, we hate just because it seems everyone else does, but we’d be hard pressed to provide a basis other than repeating what has been repeated to us. As much as I have been outspoken on certain individuals, it has been on what they are presenting. I recognize that all of us are flawed, not one of us are without flaws, sin.

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