Pandora’s Box


I harbour a monster called curiosity

One day it tormented me

Till I couldn’t contain it anymore

I gave in to its demands


So I opened the Pandora’s box

My whole world fell apart in seconds

Regret chocked me up

Guilt suffocated me


I did not know

That the contents of the box would fly out at supersonic speed

I did not know

That they would hurt the people I hold dear


Will the people forgive the unforgivable?

Or will the punishment go on for eternity?

The genie is out of the bottle

I don’t know where to turn to







9 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box

    • Well. ‘Terrible’ truths about people. I opened the box to show them I care about them and I need them to work on those things. Sadly they took it the wrong way. I regret doing that. Now the relationship is severed because of what I have done. I had good intentions, but they thought I was upto no good. Anyway, as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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      • Then if so..when you choose to open the open it to one person at a time…the fear is there ..all the questions you might ask yourself… I learnt that…not all of them will embrace the contents of the box as part of you..or your past…but those who are true..will come to terms with it eventually..

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  1. I am so sorry. Things do happen, what exaggarates them is guilt building inside us. Words cannot be unsaid but a little salve could tend to the wounds instead of letting them fester. Take a bigger step and try to make things right..

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