When He Says Do It; Do It

Sometimes I just sit down and mull over the craziness of life. And I laugh. God really has a quirky sense of humour. Just when I have set my principles and boundaries, someone comes along that makes me want to throw all those principles down the drain and throw caution in the wind. And my emotions encourage me to do so. As if I have not learnt enough from my past! I talked about that someone in a recent post: The Dog That Bites.
I knew that things would not go down well with that person. His expectations of the relationship were too high! What I wanted was so different from what he wanted. Saying yes would mean that one of us would have to be short-changed. As I prayed to God that night, being the loving father He is, I heard Him say no to the relationship. I had to trust that He knows what is best for me; albeit with a heavy heart.
I hoped that I would not have to see him again in my life. I hoped that I would forget about him and that life would move on as usual. The opposite happened. I saw him almost every time I went out, from afar. Then my heart would crave for his presence. My thoughts would be affixed on him. Why did I have to go through all this torture?
That did not last forever though. I moved on with life. Yesterday I was on Facebook and he appeared among ‘People you may know.’ I was tempted to snoop around. I actually did that and what I saw shocked me. Apparently, he has a kid. And from the pictures I could tell that he is together with the mother of the baby. You know what that means? I would have been the side dish! I imagine being awakened to that painful reality after getting deep into the relationship. The heartbreak! The tears!
I am so grateful to God for shielding me from the greater pain that would have resulted! Sometimes following what He says might seem unreasonable, but what I have learnt is that if He tells you to do something, DO IT. You might not understand it at that time, but you will later on. And you would be happy that you listened. After all, He has our best interest at heart, doesn’t He?

Have a lovely time!


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