Unimpressive First Impressions

“Don’t you feel hot?”

A random guy, sorry, crush told me this, concern written all over his face. After several aeons of hoping I would get a chance to meet him, my over eager ears finally got a chance to relish his overbearingly sumptuous voice and my eyes got a chance to look deeply into his heavenly eyes. And if you have ever been in my situation, which I bet you have been anyway, you must be very aware of the fact that the struggle of making a good first impression is real.

The day was just like any other. I woke up to a chilly morning, not a ray of sun was to be seen. I made what I now call a fashion faux-pas. I, Unebelle Beau, wore a sweater without a top. There was literally nothing beneath my sweater. (Okay, there was one thing but I choose not to state the obvious). The weather would support me in this risky adventure, or so I thought. Midday came and the weather betrayed me: the sun decided to flaunt its hotness. It’s angry rays really scorched me. If the weather were a human being, I reckon it would be a woman. So unpredictable! 

“No, erm, I-I-I a-a-am okay. I’m really fine,” I tell him. 

“Explains why you’re sweating profusely,” he says, “Why don’t you just remove your sweater?” 

“NO! Sorry I meant no. I’m okay.”

I try to come up with excuses but the only things my mind can formulate are silly ones like ‘my sweater is permanently stuck on my body’ or ‘my traditions do not permit me to remove a sweater in the presence of a man’. I give up. 

My crush makes as if to say something but he chooses to keep quiet. Awkward silence ensues. After what seems like a year of quiet, I get to my destination. I bid him goodbye. 

“I hope you have learnt your lesson,” he retorts, a smirk on his face, a faint glimmer in his eyes. 

And that is how, my friends, I never got to talk to him again. The events of that day keep replaying in my mind whenever I see him. So much for a good first impression! 

Why do we care so much about first impressions? Just because someone was dressed horribly the first time we met them doesn’t mean that they are always bad dressers. Maybe they were having one of those ‘I don’t feel like dressing up’ days. Unfortunately we are bound to make conclusions about people based on how they were the first time we saw them. I have however been proved wrong countless times to know that first impressions do not say anything about a person. Just because someone was at their best the first time you saw them does not mean they are always at their best. 

But since it is human nature to judge one based on their first impression, I am afraid we don’t have any other choice but to make sure we make a good first impression especially in situations where we will not have a chance to make a second.


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