Honey-laced Words

“Salespeople have two PhDs. One in manipulation, and another one in extortion,” I muttered under my breath as I left the small boutique armed with an ugly top reminiscent of a pirate’s canvas doublet. Despite the fact that 1. I did not like it, in fact, I detested it fervently and 2. the boutique owner had not forced me to buy it at gunpoint, I bought it. I willingly took out money from my purse and gave it to her. Heck, I did not even bargain!

The main thing that took me to town that day was to meet Unebonne for lunch. Being a stickler for time, I had arrived quite early. Because I did not want to look like a girl who had been stood up by her boyfriend, a desperate attention seeker or a clueless idle girl (you know how wild people’s imaginations can get), I decided to buy time by popping into one of the boutiques and seeing what it had to offer. I would maybe try out some of the clothes and then pretend to not like any. Haha. That was a huge mistake. I suspect the boutique owner has super powers because I got plunged into a state of euphoria as soon as our eyes met. Once she opened her mouth, euphoria morphed into utopia. Her words intoxicated me. The place ceased to be a small boutique and became a wondrous world where all clothes were embellished with diamond, gold and rubies. I became a robot and she became my master. She cleverly keyed in commands into my system and I foolishly executed them to the utmost perfection.

I did not know that the mighty hand of reality was waiting for me outside the boutique, or rather, the wondrous world. As I stepped out smiling sheepishly without a care in the world, it slapped me. Really hard.

“Mwahahahahahaha (insert an evil witch’s laugh)!” I swear I heard something like that from the boutique. That served to sober me up. Painfully.

Cognitive dissonance (buyer’s remorse) set in. And you know what’s worse than that? Finding out that I had spent all my money, lunch money and fare back home. Unebonne’s call notifying me of her arrival gave me mighty chills. I had to tell her that my money was stolen on my way to town, just to save face. Luckily, she had enough money so she foot the bill. She even gave me fare. Bless her!

I told her the truth however after a year or so, and we really laughed about it. She told me of how she was once convinced to buy some movies but on reaching home, she found out that they were exercise videos.

“It was as if the seller was very much bothered by my weight,” she remarked to more laughter. “Truth be told though, I have been making use of them. I’ve been leading a more active lifestyle thanks to them. It’s  true when they say all things work together for good, lol!”

Do salespeople dip their toungues in honey every morning, so that each word they speak becomes honey-laced? I need to know. And what makes some people more susceptible to manipulation and extortion (this is a really strong word, I realize) than others? After thinking about it, I concluded fear of disappointing others to be the cause. I always find myself thinking about people’s welfare. They need to make a living, where will they get their rent from if people like me and you don’t buy their products? I ask myself. Well, there is nothing wrong with being concerned about others. Problem comes in when you help them at your detriment. If you buy something you really don’t need just for their sake, then there is a problem.


It has come to my attention that Imposter syndrome (also known as imposter phenomenon or fraud syndrome or the imposter experience) is a concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

I had thought that a person who has the imposter syndrom is one who leads a double life. and that the concept (the name) is a figment of my own imagination when I wrote this. Turns out it is something completely different. Hmm, kinda reminds me of a time when I thought I had the ability to compose songs. I sang them to people and all they had to say was, “I’ve heard that tune somewhere.”



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